Diving Club

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ry of telephones ranged▓ before him.Nessim did not meet Meli●ssa for some time after this episode but h▓e wrote her long letters, al●l of which he destroyed in the lavato▓ry.It seemed necessary to him, for some ●fantastic reason, to explain and justify▓ Justine to her and each of these letters● began with a long painful exege●sis of Justine’s past and his own.Wit●hout this preambl

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31 june

e, he felt, it would be● impossible ever to speak of the way in which M●elissa had moved and captivated him.He was ●defending his wife, of course●, not agai

21 july

nst Melissa, who had uttered ▓no criticism of her (apart from the one phrase)● but against all the new dou●bts about her which emerged precisely f▓rom his experience

03 August

with Melissa.Just as my ▓own experience of Justine had il▓luminated and re-evaluated Melissa▓ for me so he looking into Melissa’s grey ▓eyes saw a new and un